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Five Tips for Hiring a Skip

Five Tips for Hiring a Skip

Whether you’re renovating a house or preparing your yard to plant a garden, a skip bin is a good way to get rid of large amounts of rubbish. Skips are available in many sizes, giving you enough room to dispose of everything you don’t want. Here are five tips for hiring a skip for your next home project.

Determine the Size of Skip You Need

Companies that offer skip hires have a range of different sizes of skips and can help you determine what size you will need. Skip bins are measured in cubic yards and many companies have skips for refuse that start at three cubic yards and go up to 16 cubic yards. Most domestic projects may only require the smaller skip sizes, as a three-cubic yard skip can hold up to 20 black garbage bags of rubbish.

Fill Bags Completely

Most loose rubbish should go into black plastic bags to keep it from being blown away when it goes into the skip. To avoid wasting money by paying for air, completely fill the bags and compress them only to tie them together. 

Also, always break down as much of the materials as you can before putting them into the skip. So, if you’re tossing out building materials, break them down so that they fit flat into the skip and don’t take up too much space.

Book in Advance

Hiring skips is a popular thing to do when there are house projects that need to be done. If you’re moving, renovating your house, or clearing it out for in-laws, book the skip several weeks in advance to ensure one is available for you when you need it. 

Everyone wants to rent a skip when it’s time to plant a garden, so booking one in advance will help you have one on hand when you remove shrubbery, sod, rocks and other materials from your yard to ready it for planting.

Put the Skip on a Platform

To keep the skip off the ground to prevent damage to it or your pavement, have it placed on a mobile platform or a carpeted surface. If the skip is damaged while it’s in your possession, even if it is dragged by the company you’ve hired it from, in most cases, you will be held financially responsible for the damage. So, to prevent any damage, cushion the area where the skip is being placed when it’s delivered to your home.

Get a Permit

If you don’t have room on your property for a skip hire in Doncaster, it may need to be put on the street. If so, you will need to have a permit from the local council to place it there and it will need to be clearly marked by reflective tape and/or lights so that it can be seen by drivers when it is dark. Since permits can take a few days to acquire, apply for the permit about two weeks before the skip is to be delivered to your home.

A skip is a great way to dispose of household and yard refuge in preparation for home renovation projects.

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