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8 Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid: Common Pitfalls That Could Cost You Your Security

8 Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid: Common Pitfalls That Could Cost You Your Security

When you’ve reached a point in your life when you have to relocate, there are a few essential tasks to deal with before you do that.

Most often, people don’t quite understand what an end of tenancy cleaning is and find cleaning the rental property the most challenging task. This task is genuinely one tricky undertaking.

People start worrying about whether their agent or landlord will give them their bond money back. That’s because if the property is not spotless at the end of the lease period, the landlord or agent has the right to hold back the whole amount or part of the deposited money.

These are 8 of the most common cleaning mistakes to avoid to keep the rental place clean and ease your moving out.

Delaying the end of tenancy cleaning

The first thing on your list should be checking your tenancy agreement to inform yourself again about important deadlines. It’s essential not to procrastinate cleaning your rental place. 

When you do things last minute, it’s very likely to ignore or miss essential areas of the place, which leads to a higher risk of losing your deposited money.

Another vital point to consider if you don’t perform the cleaning task ideally is that if you need your landlord to give you references when you move to a new property, the chances of him/her declining are much higher.

You should know that failing to comply with the lease agreement can automatically lead to deductions from your bond money.

If you have lots of stuff, starting cleaning without first decluttering would be a mistake, as it will cost you additional time to complete everything. In such cases, it’s smart to throw away, donate or sell items, and even hire a storage unit near your new home to make the removal process more convenient.

Not cleaning the kitchen appliances

Yes, investing time and energy into cleaning the entire property is overwhelming, but you should not forget the details, like the kitchen appliances and ovens. They’re probably the dirtiest areas and require a thorough cleaning since they’ve been used daily.

You should know that your landlord or agency will try to look for any possible reason to withhold your deposited money. That’s why you should put some extra care when cleaning these appliances.

Anyways, if you find it hard to make the oven look spotless, you should consider hiring move out cleaning help to do it while you take care of other essential areas.

Not cleaning the carpets right before moving out

Carpets tend to get stained and dirty over time. You must absolutely not forget to clean them before vacating the property. 

With the right knowledge and tools, you can get the carpets looking perfect in no time. Make sure you get into every corner and along the edges when you get to vacuuming.

Also, if you notice any stains, it‘s best to wet them with white vinegar and a soapy warm water solution. If you’re using a special carpet cleaning product, it’s recommended to test it first on a smaller area on the carpet before rushing to use the whole thing.

Don’t forget to read the label because not every carpet cleaner suits every type of carpet.

Not dusting light fixtures and high areas

If you don’t already have one, get a ladder and use the vacuum cleaner to get the high areas, dust off the ceiling, and lighting fixtures.

It’s imperative not to neglect any areas, for the landlord will surely notice them, so taking steps early to reduce overall dust in your home is a good idea. Don’t overlook these areas if you want to get your bond money back. 

Switchboards, behind doors, inside cupboards, sink fixtures, and more mustn’t be neglected during your end tenancy cleaning.

Forgetting about filters and air vents

Air vents and filters are other areas that shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re doing a tenancy cleaning. These hard-to-reach areas are often neglected, and there’s no doubt that cleaning them won’t be an easy task.

You’ll need special tools to remove the accumulated dust and dirt from the filters and air vents. You probably even forgot about them, but these areas tend to get very dirty during the tenancy period.

Get a good vacuum cleaner, some microfiber clothing, extended handles, and the right cleaning products. Also, ensure you take care of these areas before cleaning your windows and floors.

Not paying attention to walls and windows

Talking about windows, it is a widespread practice among tenants to forget about cleaning walls and windows before moving out. Tenancy agreements usually require tenants to clean windows from the inside and outside before moving out.

When it comes to walls, it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and cobwebs. Mould is also widespread, so check the walls for that too. Sugar soap is the best to remove marks on walls. You’ll also need a non-abrasive cloth to complete the task.

Vinegar and alcohol are the two safest products to use when cleaning windows. Remember that the windows are probably among the first things your landlord will pay attention to when he/she comes to visit, so make sure to have them as clean as possible.

Using the wrong methods and solutions

You should forget about all-purpose cleaners when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning.

As much as you want to save money on cleaning products, using the wrong solutions and methods might worsen things. Also, mixing cleaning solutions is risky since you risk damaging the surfaces you are cleaning.

Even if it seems easy, end of lease cleaning must be done correctly. You can damage the surfaces and furniture if you are unaware of the right cleaning methods. Make sure you don’t use products that are too strong, toxic, or with a pungent smell.

Moving out without a final check

This is a step that must not be forgotten. The best thing you can do is walk through every room one last time and walk around the property to ensure you’ve checked every area of your cleaning list.

If you want to complete this step more effectively, call a family member or a friend to help you look more closely for something you might have missed. Don’t forget to load your moving truck smartly.


As overwhelming as the end of lease cleaning can be, it is a crucial step if you’re looking for your deposited money back. This challenging task will ensure you get your money back and receive a good reference.

Thorough tenancy cleaning will help you maintain good rental history, which is very important when renting another place quickly. Ensure you follow this list of cleaning tips, and don’t forget about the final check.

Following these move-out cleaning tips will ensure peace, a good tenant reputation, and having your bond money back.

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