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How to Identify Mosquito Infestation

How to Identify Mosquito Infestation

When we think of the mosquito infestation, one of them, in particular, comes to mind immediately. That is the buzzing and irritating of them all; mosquitoes. These pests are known to cause trouble and disturb your sleep. There are several reasons that can lead to mosquito infestation at home. Even if the neighborhood is full of these little pests, then there is a high chance for your house to be full of these little creatures too.

These may seem small and inefficient but they can surely cause a lot of damage. In case you think that there is no chance for them to enter the house, then think again. From causing minor scratches to sending you away to the hospital to accumulate a long bill, the mosquitoes are very much adequate in these kinds of things. You need to make sure that these things don’t happen to you and for that, you need to treat your house properly for mosquito infestation.

If you can lookout for a few signs to detect if there is a mosquito infestation in the house, then you must call the Ghaziabad pest control company immediately. Have a look at a few of the signs for mosquito infestation, that can help you in a lot of ways.

Signs of Serious Mosquito Infestation

Constant buzzing sound

If you are staying in a mosquito-infested place, then you are sure to come across a special phenomenon. As soon as the sunset arrives, the buzzing of the mosquito starts. It is a clear signal that there is a serious infestation in the house. If this sound is stopping you from enjoying a great evening, then it is clear that the infestation has grown stronger and you need to do something about it sooner.

The buzzing sound is quite bad that it can make you lose your good night’s sleep as well. The high-pitched noise created by these pests is very annoying and due to their size, they are hard to point out. If you hear this sound regularly, then it is time to take some serious measures to deal with them.


Sometimes it is hard to spot the mosquitoes as they are too tiny. It becomes easy for them to bite human beings which may or may not be dangerous. But one thing is for sure that these bites can be very irritating. The cause of irritation is uncontrollable scratching. This is one of the most common signs that there is a severe infestation in the house. Scratching means that you are bitten by the mosquitoes and that is not a good thing.

Knowingly or unknowingly if you start scratching, then you must understand that there is mosquito infestation in your place. And if these scratchings become uncontrollable, then it is best to treat them immediately or they can become infectious. Continuous scratching can lead to rashes and redness. You must take great care to not scratch the area again and again.

Hovering Over the Food

There is nothing like too much infestation. In case the infestation increases in the house, then you can see them hovering over the open food as well. This mainly happens during the nighttime as these pests tend to visit your house during the night hours. It is quite common to find pests coming out from their hiding places at night, in search of food.

As there are many species of mosquitoes and they come in during way hours you will find one or two hovering over the food. Especially if you keep any sweet items out in the open without covering them properly, it is normal to find the mosquitoes there. You find such a situation unwinding in your house, then you must start looking for a good pest control team to help you out here.  

Red spots on your body

It is normal to scratch day and night when you have mosquitoes at home. And wherever they bite you could see the red spots appearing within a few minutes. you may not find the culprit but you must know that it is the mosquitoes for sure. In case you are not sure, you need to check whether this is the work of the mosquitoes or not. As the red spots can be caused by mosquitoes or any other bug bites too. So, until and unless you know the scratching is caused by the mosquitoes you cannot treat it properly.

The redness caused by the mosquito bite is due to the saliva injected into the epidermis. The puncture caused by the mosquito brings an immunologic reaction. This in turn leads to puffiness and itchiness. The redness is mainly due to the puncture wound created by these little pests.

The mosquito bites bring a small, soft bump on the skin. This may take a few minutes after the bite to appear. And as they appear on the skin you will feel a strong urge to scratch it off. As you scratch the bum will turn reddish-pink. In some cases, the spot may take 24 hours to appear.


Treating the mosquito infestation requires you to be a bit alert. Check out your neighborhood for any open drainage and stagnant water. as these are the main causes for the mosquito outburst keeping an eye out for this can help you in controlling the infestation a great deal. According to the professional pest control services in Vaishali, the growth in the mosquito population is caused by external influence more. No matter how you maintain your house, you must also take care of things outside the house as well.

If you ever find any signs of mosquito infestation in the house, you need to call the pest control services immediately. Leaving it be for a long time can put you and your family in a lot of trouble. Don’t want to be affected by Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and such diseases, then it will be best if you could take care of it right away. Take appropriate steps to deal with the problem so that you can enjoy a peaceful evening for once.

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