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7 Important Tips on how to Choose Curtains

7 Important Tips on how to Choose Curtains

You might have everything from the furniture to kitchen cabinets set up perfectly. However, We cannot ignore one such element: curtains! Curtains are an essential element crucial for décor and setting the room’s tone. There are plenty of curtain styles, and the possibilities are endless. Out of the infinite choices, which curtain is the best for you? These tips will help you choose the suitable curtains for your space:

Functions of the curtain 

What is the purpose of your curtains? Do you need it to be too translucent to let light in or block light to darken the room? Do you intend to use the curtain to give yourself privacy from the neighbours? Once you have the answers to the functions you expect your curtain to perform, it will be easier to choose the right one.

     1. Choose the right kind of fabric.

The fabric material of the curtain plays a vital role in giving the room and the curtain its aesthetic feel. There are plenty of fabric options to choose from: lace, cotton, velvet, etc. There are two factors to remember while choosing the fabric.

  • How much sunlight do you require?
  • The décor and the mood of the room.

Custom-made curtains use fabrics that look different when drawn back and pleated. Take that into consideration when you buy a curtain. 

     2.The colours 

The colour of the curtains can highly influence the feel of the room. The fabric must be taken into consideration while choosing the colour too. For example, if you prefer that the curtains blend in, they must be darker than the walls.

Children’s rooms are the best to experiment with when choosing colourful curtains. You cannot go wrong with bright, crazy patterns and extra features such as tassels. You could experiment with solid colours if you have a dominating wallpaper design in the room. If it is a gaming room, most of the light will need to be blocked out. 


Curtains that touch the floor are always going to remain a classic. You can create a dramatic look by choosing a longer curtain which will make the drapes puddle on the floor surface. If you have children, though, you should hang your curtains a few inches above the floor. Another conventional alternative for smaller windows is to end them at the sill, but full-length curtains might also work.


The width of your windowpane determines the appropriate width of your curtains. An excellent way to find the perfect width is by measuring the frame and multiplying it by 2/2.5. Sunblock curtains, for example, require adequate width to block out sunlight when required.


It gets pretty warm in Australia at times of the year. In summer, curtains keep the heat out, while in winter, it retains heat. Heavy curtains are cost-effective in these situations to insulate the window. The fabric may have a self-coated lining, triple weaves, and the like. Alternatively, you could opt for lined curtains that feature fabric with a separate lining when you wish. It could be in cotton or blocked out patterns.

    6.Curtain accessories

There are various accessories available for curtains, should you choose to dress them up. The accessories range from pull-backs to ornamental curtain tracks, fixed above the curtains on the wall. You could decorate the curtains with Valance, a frilled fabric to embellish. However, removing all sorts of decorative accessories can give the curtain fabric a velvety feel and make it look sleek.

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