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Your company’s office space, interior or furniture might need a facelift, from time to time. This might be in form of new facilities to improve the internal décor or an expansion aimed at making more effective utilization of the available space in order to accommodate extra staff members. Whatever the reason for your decision to refurbish your office, One to One Business Interiors is here to make sure that everything runs smoothly.Here are One to One Business Interiors top 5 tips that can help you to get the most out of any office refurbishment exercise.

  1. Plan With The Future In Mind 

When undertaking any major office refurbishment project, it is imperative to take into consideration not just the current needs of your office but also any changes that might occur in future. It is important to make allowances for easy adaptation to business growth as well as expansion, besides any changes that might occur in technological advances and workplace culture.

This can easily be achieved through modular systems and adaptable furniture. You should seize the chance and take full advantage of both current and future trends as well as materials. This should include incorporation of maintainable building technologies as well as efficient IT competencies. In a nutshell, you need to utilise creative workplace practices to craft the most conducive environment for your business to thrive today and in posterity. 

  1. Get a Professional Office Refurbishment Firm

A professional and highly experienced office refurbishment company will efficiently give you the results that you want. The company should operate like a well-oiled machine, complete with a competent project manager and an upfront quote of the total cost of the exercise. Such a firm must set realistic timelines for the completion of the project and should be able to offer a complete office refurbishment solution without having to outsource for any expertise from outside the company. They should have their own in-house designers, space planning experts and project managers.

  1. Make Use of Your Office Space Effectively

With office space in strategic areas becoming scarce by the day, it imperative that you utilise the full potential of your office space, if you are get maximum value from it. You might need to figure out whether your business would be better off with the quiet, conventional workspaces or an open plan setup as well as bench desking which offers a livelier and more interactive work environment for your members of staff. 

  1. Ensure There Is Enough Natural Light

The significance of the correct lighting intensities in an office can’t be gainsaid. It is always advisable to make the most out of natural light whenever possible and where it isn’t possible, let experts advise you on the type and positioning of the most appropriate artificial sources of light. Natural light is normally a much sought after commodity in office spaces anywhere across the world. This is due to the fact that high levels of natural daylight in any workplace tend to be associated enhanced happiness, efficient brain functioning and hence higher productivity as well as fewer health-related complaint. 

  1. Make Provisions For Casual Break-Out Areas 

The office space needs to be as conducive as possible to the staff members. Sitting for long periods is known to come with numerous negative effects. Hence, it is important that there is a provision for office break-out spaces which can offer the necessary getaway from the work desk. These are spaces for informal meetings with workmates or customers or for brief chats away from the desk. 

For a satisfactory refurbishment of a modern office to take place, proper planning is always key.

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