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What a Building Surveyor Looks for When Surveying Your House?

What a Building Surveyor Looks for When Surveying Your House?

A building survey is an evaluation done by a certified building surveyor on a particular building. A potential buyer usually does this before finalizing the purchase of any building. Then, after the seller accepts your proposal, you can get a building survey done on the building you want to buy.

Why do you need a building survey?

building surveys
building surveys
  1. You get a detailed report on the building or home. Sometimes a seller will forget to include details about the house. Or, maybe they never updated the structure details. Numerous renovations or changes were made, and the information is now outdated. A building surveyor will make sure you are aware of the current condition of the house you are paying for.
  2. Most of the survey agencies offer the option to get consultation services along with the report. If the surveyor finds any problem areas or potential risks, they will give you their opinion on them.

Like they will recommend the repairs that need to be done before you move in or make them habitable. Maintenance issues are also mentioned in the report. You can get their expert opinion on how to take care of some of the risk-prone zones of the building.

A building surveyor can also include the costs for the repairs and a valuation of the house. This part is only if the client specially requests it.

  1. The third reason why you should get a survey done is a result of the first two reasons. First, with more knowledge about the house itself, you  can save money.

That can be from making small repairs that could have resulted in a much larger expense. So you are paying for a small change or repair instead of paying for a large-scale renovation.

Moreover, with expert consultation from your building surveyor, you can take better care of your house. Better maintenance means that you have to worry less about a lot of renovations.

Also, in some rare cases, when you request a valuation, you might receive a lower estimate. Thus, you can save more than what you might be sending for a survey.

Types of building surveys that you can get for your home

Items you will get in a building survey:

  • A full inspection and measurement of the building
  • A report containing all the information that the building surveyor has collected about the land and the existing structures.
  • An appraisal for the property (only if requested by the owner)

The surveyor inspects the home according to the type of survey you request. There are three types of surveys:

  1. Level 1 –

They are licensed to work for limited land areas and structures. The  building survey that you can get for small land areas with low height buildings. Thus, it contains very basic information. The report will only contain the result of a basic examination done on the property. There will be no mention of any repairs or maintenance. This level of the survey is best suited if the building has been built recently.

  1. Level 2 –

It is a that  level will provide you with a more detailed report on the property and the tools, equipment used can collect accurate information on large land areas. . More effort will be spent on compiling the report. The survey company will highlight the areas that can be a problem in the future.

  1. Level 3 –

This is the survey that a building surveyor spends the most effort on. The report will be the most detailed one with repairs and maintenance tips. This is recommended for older buildings.

The Bottom Line

Many feel that a building survey is an additional expense that does not give enough benefits. They already have all the information that they need to see in the booklet or details provided by the seller. Whether intentionally or not, some information may not be there. A survey can give you more details and important advice about the house.

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