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How to Fix Broken Blinds?

How to Fix Broken Blinds?

Broken blinds are a big inconvenience, so it is important to know how to fix them. It is easy to get stuck in this situation, but it can be fixed. To begin, remove the top plastic vane. If the slat is cracked, you can use a new one from the bottom of the blind. Using a flathead screwdriver, unscrew the plugs at the bottom of the blind. The plugs cover the lift strings and thicker center strings. Pull the new string through the hole and tie it properly.

Cords of your broken blinds can be repaired by yourself

Similarly, if the cords of your blinds are broken, you can try repairing them yourself. You will have to remove the lift cord and replace it with a new one. But, if this is not possible, you can purchase new ones and install them yourself. Regardless of which option you choose, it is essential to start from the same side as the broken blind. In order to fix a blind with the same cord, you will have to unscrew it and replace it from the bottom.

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If the repair is too complicated, you may be able to simply buy new blinds instead. In this case, you should always make sure to insert a wooden dowel into the rod pocket on the bottom of the shade. After inserting the dowel, you should pull it up. Then, remove the top slat and replace it with the broken one. This will prevent the damaged slat from coming back down.

Steps for replacing the slat

Once you have inspected the blinds, you can now begin the repair. The first step is to remove the broken slat. To fix the broken slat, you will need to unplug the cord. Next, you will need to remove the old slat. After that, you will have to replace it with the new one. You can also replace the damaged slat with the new one.

Once you have removed the top slat, you can fix the broken part by placing it back into place. Once you have removed the broken slat, you can attach it to the panel with a bread clip. After that, you can replace the damaged part by reinstalling the new slat on the other side of the window. And the last step is to replace the slat.

Broken Blinds can be replaced by pull cords

Often, a broken slat can be easily repaired by replacing the pull cord. You can also clean the slat by using a toothpick. A toothpick can be used to slide the broken slat into place. To fix the vertical blind, you can also attach a new string to the end cap. If you have two-set cords, you can try a different method by removing the lower one.

The most difficult part of repairing a broken blind is removing the lift string plug. This is the part that holds the slat in place. If it is broken, you need to replace the lift string. It can be repaired by putting a new slat into the old base. To prevent the replacement of a broken slat, you should cut the cord at the end cap.

Correction of slat

If you have a broken slat, remove the lift cord. Pull the broken slat gently to one side to remove it. You can now replace the slat with the new one. The slat should be inserted into the correct position. Then, feed the new slat into the opening. Then, feed the lift cord through the center of the slat.

The first step in fixing a broken slat is to remove the metal end stiffener from the headrail. The tilt rod is then inserted in its place. The new tilt rod must be placed in the same way. Once the slat is fixed, you should replace the slat. If the slat is not attached to the bracket, the whole system needs to be replaced.


To fix a broken slat, remove the lift string. You can also use a paper clip to repair a broken slat. It is important to keep in mind that a broken slat can be difficult to repair. It is best to seek help from a professional if you have a slat that is difficult to reach or is missing altogether. If a slat breaks, it is necessary to restring it.

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