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Custom Wardrobe: Get The Absolute Value While Buying

Custom Wardrobe: Get The Absolute Value While Buying

Have you decided to purchase a custom wardrobe for your house? Choosing a custom wardrobe will make sense, that you need a finished product that is functional and long-lasting. It comes with features that will fill up your storage needs and comes with extra whistles and bells.

Things To Look For In Custom Wardrobe

Custom Wardrobe
Custom Wardrobe

Is this your first time purchasing a custom wardrobe? You might know the materials that are top-notch and which one is not durable. You will always want top-notch features at an affordable price. You will rely on what the salesperson or designer tells you, but that advice comes with a plate of some biasedness.

Some Basics To Remember While Buying A Custom Wardrobe

  1. Always check what materials are being used in the cupboard. It would be best to look for the custom wardrobe built using the thermofused particleboard, which has ¾ inch thickness and 5/8 inch thickness. The thermofused melamine never delaminates, and ¾ thick boards are more substantial, and the broader shelves will not bow with heavyweight items.
  2. You should look for two millimetre thick edges because it will assure that edges of vertical panels and shelves will not peel or chip. The edge banding is much durable than the narrow edge banding which companies use. In addition, it protects your money from unnecessary damage, which is hard to repair. In most cases, two-millimetre edge banding is not found, but you must remember that 1-millimetre edge banding is the standard you should maintain.
  3. Look for that custom wardrobe, which is floor mounted rather than wall-mounted. The floor-mounted hold the weight of a custom wardrobe much better, and you will be able to store it without any hassle. The wall mounts will be placed in some applications, but the thumb rule goes for the floor mounted. It will be a safer option to go with.
  4. Always look for the extension ball bearing slides. It will ensure that the drawers will shut and open quietly and effortlessly. It also lasts long more than other types. The full-extension drawers mean that you will be able to pull the drawer open entirely and not digging around the back of the drawer.
  5. Always look for the custom wardrobe, which uses multiple depth components to all the one depth.
  6. Not every floor is equal. Hence, always select the custom wardrobe with the feature of a leg leveller to ensure your cubbies, shelves, drawer’s remains level and straight.
  7. Always make sure that the walls are patched between the space of your old closet removed and the installation of a new one. The full-service wardrobe will ensure that every area of your wall is disturbed during the demolition of the original cabinet, whether the system was wood or wire, sanded or spackled. If you want to give a touch-up with paint, the company will give a touch up to the disturbed areas. It is especially crucial to plaster your walls because the older ones will disintegrate and crumble during demolition.
  8. Look for a custom wardrobe company with a lifetime warranty to assure that the company will repair the issues if they arise after several years of wardrobe installation.


Suppose you learn about the types of practices and materials used during the custom wardrobe installation. In that case, you can ensure that the final product will be functional, long-lasting and sturdy. Getting the right custom wardrobe is very crucial. You should make sure that your invested money is getting worth it. Go for good quality of materials, so that it’s built quality is durable. Then, design your wardrobe according to your room style.

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