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7 Things You Should Do Before The Removalist Arrive

7 Things You Should Do Before The Removalist Arrive

There are some ways in which you can assist the removalist in ensuring a seamless move before moving day. Keeping all your belongings in a box, packing everything ready to transport, and creating a simple pathway are all things that help removalists Melbourne make a seamless move.

This article will tell you the top 7 things you need to do before the removalist’s arrival.

1. Clean completely and remove the unwanted rubbish

You should remove the things you do not want to transport with your furniture. It will allow the speedier and more streamlined movement of items from one place to another. You removalists are known on what is to transport to a new place. It may also save you some money.

2. Disassemble what you can

By disassembling the many pieces of appliance and furniture you can, you can save your time and potential hassle when the removalists Mornington arrive. They can help you reassemble and disassemble upon arrival at the new destination.

However, the more that are broken down and ready to be transported can save time added to the overall task.

3. Empty your fridge and store perishable foods in the esky

If you empty your fridge before moving, you can save yourself from the risk of potential items like spilling and breaking, along with if you are filling an esky with ice packs and storing food that you want to transport. It will make it easier for you to replenish your energy during the day.

You should store the items that are energy-boosting and easy to grab, including bread, cheese, water bottles, and snackable and chopped veggies.

4. Tape down cabinet doors and appliances

The removalist always aims to secure your belongings, so they are not damaged while moving. But in some cases, some misshape occurs, and to avoid this, you should apply the no strip or non-abrasive tape to fridge doors, dresser drawers, and TV Unit cupboards.

5. Enlist the kiddies for special tasks

Young children are always ready to help with adult tasks, so you should give them small tasks and keep them busy. This way, they do not disturb you and think they are contributing. You should enlist the children in small tasks like packing their toys and carrying soft items like pillows.

6. Share important information

Ensure to allow your removalists to know all the potential obstacles while entering or exit to your home. You should also inform them of any unforeseeable issues or concerns with your new home. It is suggested to confirm all the access with real estate and inform your neighbors that you are moving.

7. Connect all utilities to your new home

It is important to connect all utilities before the moving day at your home. You should know the utilities that have to arrange for disconnection at your old house. Setting us water, power, and internet on a day when you move is a good task.


Hope you understand the list of important points you should make before the removalist arrive. You should do all the things above before the arrival of removalists to ensure the seamless move of your belongings from one place to another.

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